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  1. How to change the Username and Hostname on Ubuntu

    Change the username At the start screen press Ctrl+Alt+F1. Log in using your username and password. Set a password for the "root" account. sudo passwd root Log out. exit Log in using the "root" account and the password you have previously set.…

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  2. Linux Essentials

    Install Deb. Pkg from Command Line You can install it using sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb/file followed by sudo apt-get install -f . Echo & Touch echo 'something' >> file_name The >> will append your ‘something’ into the end of the…

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  3. ROS Essential Skills B4 You Start

    ROS Naming Convention Class name is still camelCase: class TrackerUI Var names are small case underbared: var roi_window Function names are small case verb front underbared: func get_roi_window I feel it is comfy to do things in this way rather…

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  4. Robotics 101: Sharpening The Tools -- Shorthands For Environment Setups

    Abstract: After month and month working in robotics, I realize that a good knowledge of tooling could save a lot of time when developing things. However, getting to know use what tool and how to setup the tool without anyone's help could be a pain. T…

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  5. How To Bind Mouse Keys in Ubuntu & How To Swap Ctr and Alt on Ubuntu and Windows

    Abstract: As an Ubuntu user, sometimes you want to use the function keys from a mouse, for example, the Logitech ones. However, there is no such a software offered by their website to do the same thing as in Windows. This blog will give a quick instr…

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  6. Installing OpenRave 0.9 on Ubuntu 14.04

    Abstract: Doing settings of installation is always a pain. My new class in motion planning requires us to install OpenRave 0.9 on Ubuntu 14.04 but unfortunately, there is no PPA for 0.9 version so that we need to compile it by our hands. I've spent a…

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  7. Just Cultivate Me A Git Configuration !

    Abstract: This introduction is a tip post for the coding beginners. You may not use GitHub as the server but it is always being nice to have your codes titled with a source control. Not only for somebody else but also yourself in the feature work.…

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  8. What Does The ".Bashrc" Actually Do ?

    (Trajopt is finding a solution) The .bashrc is made for user connivence. By logging settings in this file, a user doesn't have to source the environment path that he needs for a new terminal window. The name ROS_PACKAGE_PATH is a environment varai…

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