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Robotic is just the integration of all human knowledges, so far.

Tag: Configs

  1. Change the Username and Hostname on Ubuntu

    Abstract: If you didn't give a perfect user name and host name(the computer name), you can change them later. Change the username At the start screen press Ctrl+Alt+F1. Log in using your username and password. Set a password for the "root"…

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  2. Linux Essentials

    Install Deb. Pkg from Command Line You can install it using sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb/file followed by sudo apt-get install -f . Echo & Touch echo 'something' >> file_name The >> will append your ‘something’ into the end of the file…

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  3. ROS Essential Skills

    ROS Naming Convention Class name is still camelCase: class TrackerUI Var names are small case underbared: var roi_window Function names are small case verb front underbared: func get_roi_window I feel it is comfy to do things in this way rather tha…

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  4. Robotics 101: Sharpening The Tools -- Shorthands For Environment Setups

    Abstract: After month and month working in robotics, I realize that a good knowledge of tooling could save a lot of time when developing things. However, getting to know use what tool and how to setup the tool without anyone's help could be a pain. T…

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  5. Bind Mouse Keys & Swap Ctr and Alt in Ubuntu and Windows

    Abstract: As an Ubuntu user, sometimes you want to use the function keys from a mouse, for example, the Logitech ones. However, there is no such a software offered by their website to do the same thing as in Windows. This blog will give a quick instr…

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