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A Roboticist.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

My To Do List

Personally, I want to form my blog as a shorthand posting place for all the deep learner. As we stepped into the Information blasting world, I find it is quite hard to get a suitable content for me to learn something.

For example, I want to know what the three terms in a PID control will affect the output graph and I spent more than 25 mins to find the correct Youtube video for my questions.

The meaning of this blog is trying to save your time in finding good things, offering a shortcut to get the correct learning materials and most importantly, as a quick reminder board for you as well as myself to refresh old knowledge quickly.

Again, I don't like long posts, I lose interest while reading them. A useful post should be quick and dirty, at least on my blog. I don't teach people basics, I teach them how to pick up the basics.

To-Do List 2017

  • K-Means
  • Dijkstra's
  • Bellman-ford
  • A*
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